Travel Does Not a Writer Make

I go to quite a lot of events outside of my career. I love words and writing so it’s always fascinating when someone asks me why I do this on my free time. Why else would I have worked to become a writer if I hated writing? It isn’t exactly a career choice you stumble into one afternoon while looking through the Yellow Pages for a career.

At once such event I sat in on a panel for authors. I was for local authors around the area, so we were advised to speak about our hometowns and how we drew inspirations from it. The question was raised by one attendee as to how we could garner inspiration from small places if we hadn’t gone out to experience the world. I think it took a lot of the panel by surprise. Not because of the nature of the question, but because some novice writers thought that the only way to write was by getting out and seeing everything. I was the first to speak and I was honest about my theories on writing. It was a group consensus.

Getting out and exploring is important to each and every writer…but it isn’t everything. How could it be? If we’re not out on some giant adventure then does that mean we can’t be writing? Exploring doesn’t ensure you become a writer. Adventures does not a writer make. It’s about what you do with what you have which makes a writer or poet strong in their skill and ability. A writer can be profound without having ever left his or her yard.

So if you’re a hopeful writer without having traveled anywhere all that exciting, fear not. Travel is not what makes a writer fascinating. It’s the way words are crafted and emotions are built that makes a writer engaging and, in simple terms, powerful.

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