Right in the Blocks

This morning I woke up ready to write. My work station was prepared and there was absolutely nothing going on that I was interested in. And that’s where it all went sour – there was absolutely nothing I was interested in. So that’s where my mind went…nothingness.

In the profession of writing, having writers block is akin to blowing our your knee while playing football. There’s nothing worse than sitting in front of a blank screen or with a pen in hand and having a wall before you that commits you to writing nothing and demands you sit there for hours thinking up all the wrong words. That is exactly where I sat this morning. Instead of thinking of something to write about, I thought of anything but writing. I considered what happened onĀ Downton Abbey last weekend. Why my dog had such an odd hair pattern on her back. Or what that persons name was I met in college that one time that gave me a free soda and I was so thankful. See? My mind works fine. I can think of anything besides what to write.

But the thing is, thinking about random objects in my refrigerator and what baby doves look like is exactly what I should have been doing. When you’re deep in the throes of a writers block you need to get your mind going. Who cares if the thoughts you have are unrelated to the topic you’re wanting to write about? Getting your mind gears going is the only way to break through to the other side of lovely, lovely words. Why exactly would thinking of reasons plates are round be of any help? Because it leads you down the path to new discoveries.

Maybe you didn’t start off wanting to write about a certain topic but you found yourself drawn to do so. It’s an opportunity not only to flex you writing imagination a little, but it also helps you break the block without even thinking about it. All writers will say the same thing when we’re asked the best way to break a block – write. Just write something. Write about the weird neighbor you had when you were young, or about how much you hate the weather outside. If you’re like me, you’ll end up writing five pages about some random topic you aren’t even all that interested in.

And if all else fails, go watch someĀ Downton Abbey. Afterwards you’ll probably feel really elegant and ready to write the next epic tale.

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